Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cold sore and all

Anyone who comes by here regularly will be aware of my inordinate love for Jason Bateman. And, in my best, "No really, I'm old school," protest, let me remind you that I loved the man (boy) since circa Silver Spoons, so back your I'm so hip Arrested Development should have been picked up by another network a** up.

Anyway, I love him more than I did five minutes ago because I just saw this clip of Jason as I have never seen him before from Smokin' Aces. He's looking pretty nasty -- cold sore and all -- but he's brilliant in the scene and absolutely hysterical (watch Ben Affleck at about 1:30 turn away to try to stifle his laughter).

The clip comes via Intense Guys, "great movie moments, one clip at a time," and one of new favorite blogs.

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El Duderino said...

Perhaps it's the woman's underwear.
All you need to know about network TV is that A.D. and Andy Richter Controls the Universe are not on TV anymore and The War at Home is, or was.