Sunday, April 20, 2008 tags: global health

World Malaria Day is April 25., a project of the UN Foundation, is trying to raise money — $10 from each of us — to buy nets to protect folks in the developing world from infection. (They've almost hit the 2 million mark.)

They're doing a great job to engage supporters. While most campaigns stop at asking for money — leaving many folks to feel like they can't really have an impact on an issue that might seem overwhelming — NothingButNets provides numerous opportunities to spread the word both online and off.
The only feature that doesn't seem to be working is "Share Your Story." While the organizers are asking visitors to the site to tell a tale about their personal experience with malaria, their efforts to raise money for the cause or their commitment to the issue, it's not clear that anyone has sent a story and -- if they did -- where the heck are they? They've made everything else easy and rewarding, what happened here?


Andre Blackman said...

This is a great case study of how a health non profit enters the world of new media and encouraging supporters/community.

Thanks ABF!

abf said...

Yeah, sometimes -- but too rarely -- people really get it right.