Monday, January 14, 2008

bad boy in dockers

Today is Jason Bateman's birthday.

I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in the fact that I was hot for Jason when I was 12. As "Derek" on Silver Spoons, he was the Han Solo to Ricky Schroeder's Luke Skywalker. A little naughty, a bad boy in Dockers.

I'm still hot for him today, but now it's because he's that seemingly uber-normal guy that I never date -- with a really great sense of humor.

I would put money on the likelihood that I am the only person on the planet who has ever deconstructed their 25-year crush on Jason Bateman.

At least I didn't write a poem.


jennifer said...

I had such a crush on him. And like you, I still do.

abf said...

Do you think there's a fan club?

Dr. Dre said...
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Andre said...

Cera is funny stuff.

Who played the kid on My Secret Identity? Loved that show...