Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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You Think Big of Yourself, Don't Ya? — Hillary sent me a link and Tony asked me what I thought of it. Big Think? I'm a sucker for smart people (Really. Me + remote small island + smart people = good.). Nevertheless, there's something rather antithetical to everything social media stands for when a site says, on its "about" page, "The Web has no shortage of self-anointed experts, and the Expert Network is our way of reclaiming a little nook of cyberspace where depth of knowledge and expertise still reign."

I DO like the fact that they're using the Errol Morris "technique" (Is it the actual Interrotron?), although no one comes across as quite so simultaneously intimidating and sad as Robert McNamara in The Fog of War.

What do YOU think?

Home Sweet Home — I have always been too obsessive compulsive -- and, alas, not punque roque enough (as Alejandro once said -- with love) -- to adopt the aesthetic, but the homes in Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy are pretty damn familiar to me (I can smell the odor of non-leather footwear and tempeh stir fry wafting through the air . . .) and, therefore, like home after all.

The Beat Goes On — 100 people, ages 1 to 100, playing the drums. Any further explanation required? (via the Portable Film Festival)

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