Thursday, October 04, 2007

not quite ashley blue

I flew from DC to NY for the flight to Athens.

That flight was on Frontier Airlines. I was very excited to receive peanut butter crackers.

I saw the latest issue of GQ while hanging out at JFK for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. Men of style from the past 50 years. Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Al Pacino and . . . Tom Brady?

The flight to Athens wasn't as dreadful as I thought it would be, considering the fact that it was 10 hours and I was sitting in COACH. I was alone in a two seater with a bulk head in front of me so I could stretch my legs and the flight attendant in first class snuck me champagne. Which was helpful in swallowing those sleeping pills . . .

Jory Des Jardins, from BlogHer, the only other women on the bus ride from the airport to the conference center.

John got here soon after I did. My plan to take a shower and a nap went out the window.

But I did manage to find the time to walk into the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in my life.

John used one of the new Flip cameras to document the act of having someone add a session to the conference schedule. Riveting.

This blog is brought to you by the kind people
(including Nic Fulton from Reuters here), who made the wifi work.


Catch Up Lady said...

I love, love, love GQ. It's one of my favorite mags, I always snag the bf's on trips. And I have an unhealthy love for Redford and Newman (apparently I like old dudes???) - so I will be picking this up soon.

Can't wait to see your other pics. Have fun!

abf said...

I like old guys too. As I get older, however, it can get a little creepy about what "old" means.

Patty O said...

Hey, I'm Pat.

Nice pictures. I read one of your older posts on John Edwards. I met Elizabeth earlier, and she was pretty cool!