Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the spaceship has landed

I am such a baby about being away from home. I got in yesterday evening after being away for a week -- in Athens and Seattle -- and am so relieved to get back into my routine: catching up on my blog feeds, posting here, drinking coffee in the quiet peace of the early morning.

I am will be uploading additional photos from the trip to my Flickr account, but here are some of the highlights since we last spoke . . .

I ended up not posting much from Stream 2007, for which I am sorry. But you might understand why when you realize that this is a photo of three men mesmerized by the act of creating a clay frog.

Despite the fact that Club Med registers on my radar as the equivalent of Disney World (not good), the mountains were beautiful . . .

. . . as was the sea.

This is ostensibly a photo of Esther Dyson, but I also found that guy to her right to be beautiful.

On Saturday, we went into Athens. I took a photo of this great building while we were waiting for Michael to check into his hotel.

John and I also went for a quick walk while we were waiting because John likes to buy things. But he didn't buy anything here because he apparently doesn't like to buy fruit or tube socks.

We drank tasty frappes in this cafe that I can't remember the name of . . .

. . . and then we took a walk up the Acropolis. That's Michael, my colleague from our Shanghai office and my somewhat constant companion during the trip.

I wore really stupid shoes and needed to hold onto Michael on some of the slick spots so I wouldn't wipe out. John took pictures of that, I just took pictures of my really stupid (yet fabulous) shoes.

John wanted his picture taken in front of the Erecthion. (I don't think he knew the name of the building when he made the request.)

Because he is both a geek and a father (and a Social Distortion fan), John sent his son Nick a message from the Acropolis. I believe Nick's response was something along the lines of "Cool." Michael said the woman behind John kept taking photos of me. The caption will read, "Woman wearing really stupid - yet fabulous - shoes at the Acropoolis."

We rewarded ourselves with a tasty dinner.

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