Thursday, October 04, 2007

the ha detto virus

The wifi is up and running at the conference (seemed questionable there for a while) and I immediately signed up to check out what has been happening on this blog.

In seconds, I managed to convinced myself that someone had hacked into Blogger and gave everyone who commented on my blog the last name "ha detto." As in "andre ha detto" or "kristen ha detto" or "anonymous ha detto."

Yeah. Um. That is Italian for "said."

And, while I am indeed in Greece, we've apparently rigged a satellite based in Turin for our wifi access.

I am an American idiot.

And I have seen my first plate of feta. Photos coming soon.

Update: Proof of feta.


Andre said...

awww, ha detto is such a cool last name too...

gracias for my morning chuckle, ABF ha detto

abf said...

You can keep the last name. It suits you, Andre Ha Betto.