Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Music #3: Arlene

Name: Arlene (aka @wzzy)

Girls Rock Camp Donation Tally: $15

Relationship: Arlene and I are friends on Twitter. I'm not entirely sure how we found each other. I do remember, however, that Arlene was the first person on Twitter to share the post I thought no one would ever read.

How Did We Meet: We've never met in person. We almost did. Once. When Arlene came to Seattle. She and I will drink scotch together in Los Angeles one night. And talk.

Something about Arlene: She's kind. A persistent supporter. And she went to Smith. And she loves her son dearly. And she manages Curt Smith. (And, yes, there is a Curt Smith song on her playlist.)

Arlene's Playlist: Eclectic pop from multiple decades; lots of stuff I'd never heard before.

Delivery: Arlene mailed a CD to Oliver's Twist via USPS Priority Mail. She definitely wins the "I put energy into this, damn it" award: a custom CD cover and an enclosed spreadsheet explaining why she selected each song. It made me want to talk to her more about the stories at which she only hinted.

Favorite (Nostalgic) Track: "Mayor of Simpleton," XTC. It has been too long. And, Arlene, I love Andy too.

Favorite (New to Me) Track(s): "Champagne Taste (Live)," Eartha Kitt; "Amateur," Aimee Mann

As a reminder, here's the address so you can send me music too:

Alison's Birthday Music
c/o Oliver's Twist
6822 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle WA 98103

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