Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Music #2: Jon

Name: Jon

Girls Rock Camp Donation Tally: $10

Relationship: Jon and I worked together at DDB. Now we play Words with Friends on a nearly daily basis. I count on it.

How Did We Meet: We met at DDB. My first significant memory of Jon was that he sent an email to me involving a case of beer, high school friends and Elvis Costello that would have caused the HR police at my last agency to escort him out of the building, but which made it clear that things were a little different at DDB.

Something about Jon: Jon tweets every two months, but they're good. And he is a great hugger; sincere without being creepy.

Jon's Playlist: Lots of smart, witty boys (like Jon) singing about love and disappointment, with a tinge of hope. Just a tinge.

Delivery: Jon mailed a CD to Oliver's Twist. The CD is titled "Songs to Face Your…" I can't read Jon's handwriting, so I'm not sure what it is he wants me to face. I don't feel like it, whatever it is.

(Update: Jon has informed me the title is "Songs to Fill Your Drink," thereby allowing me to continue drinking and not face things. Thank you, Jon.)

Favorite (Nostalgic) Track: "A Perfect Sonnet," Bright Eyes

Favorite (New to Me) Track(s): "I Can't Make You Love Me," Bon Iver; "Confetti," Frightened Rabbit

As a reminder, here's the address so you can send me music too:

Alison's Birthday Music
c/o Oliver's Twist
6822 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle WA 98103

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