Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Filling My Day (Month) with Music

I have a request to make. I want something from you.

(I'll be honest; I find this to be a little awkward.)

I love music; it is the one thing upon which I can rely to lift my spirits. If I'm lying on the floor in a pool of my own tears, turn on a song and I'll at least be able to remember to wipe the snot from my face. If I'm already feeling pretty damn good, turn on a song — the right song — and the joy can be difficult to contain.

(Cue Rufus.)

Sunday, February 12, is my birthday. I want to fill it — and this month — with music.

(AKA, I want to fill it with joy.)

So, this is what I am asking of you. I want you — yes, you — to send me music.

In the mail. In an envelope.


A mix of songs you think I might like. A mix of songs YOU like. A song you created. A song someone you love created. A playlist you already created; something new in response to this request. It can be one song, it can be many.

In exchange for every CD I receive before the end of February, I am going to make a $5 donation to Girls Rock Camp. Because I want you to know I am grateful, because, yeah, I feel weird asking you for something, and because I want other girls to feel the joy I feel from music.

And I'll be posting here — and sharing on Twitter — to let others know about the music I receive and the people who were kind enough to send it. So, if you want a shout out, include your Twitter name if you have one. If you don't want a shout out, you can tell me that too.

My lovely friends at Oliver's Twist in Seattle (Sarah, to be exact) — my favorite bar in Seattle and where you can often find me seated in the corner — have said I can have the CDs sent there because, well, sometimes it's not a good idea to put your home address on the Internet. If you're in Seattle, on a regular basis or because the gods have smiled on you and transported you here for a short time, visit them. Give them your money; they will give you a tasty cocktail (and play good music as well.)

Here's the address:

Alison's Birthday Music
c/o Oliver's Twist
6822 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle WA 98103

Happy music/joy making.

Thank you. Sincerely.


Unknown said...

Hi Alison, would like to email you re ur John Hughes blog, with an exciting prospect. My email is bryony.disbury@gmail.com look forward to hearing from you, bry

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