Saturday, March 22, 2008

you, sir, make me feel blue

I decided a number of years ago that I didn't like movies with brown palettes, which is why I don't like Lord of the Rings . . .

. . . and the thought of paying money and sitting through a movie like 300 causes me to break out in hives.

Blues and greens, ahhh . . . Badlands has lots of blues as a result of the amazing vistas and the lushness of the green of the early forest scenes -- despite what the movie poster might lead you to believe.

Very satisfying.

And, although I discovered after a poor purchase decision at J Crew that yellow has no place in my personal wardrobe, I'm open to the idea of a yellow movie as well. Maybe it's just primary colors?

Darjeeling Limited is a yellow movie that I have not see yet.

This post has no purpose at all beyond serving as a preface to me telling you -- now listen up -- that wear palettes is a one of the most satisfying blogs I have been checking these days. It makes me want to carry a Pantone GoeGuide in my pocket and approach strangers on the street to tell them what colors I see when I look at them.

Update: Wes Anderson's fondness for yellow expands beyond Darjeeling to his first (we always remember our first): the brilliant Bottle Rocket.

I'm too lazy to do the research to see if this trend follows through on his other films. Thanks to the kids at This Recording for making this post almost as long as one of their brilliant diatribes. (They and Dave Armano are my current blog crushes -- even if Dave does think he's losing his mojo.)


kristen said...

I've been making a conscious effort to wear more colors lately, but it isn't easy. It's kind of tough to wear scarves in Los Angeles. The window of nippy weather is really small.

Couldn't agree with you more about 300. I hate gray movies.

abf said...

Ton Deifell greeted me the other day with the comment, "You're so turquoise!"