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Pete Blackshaw, blogger, Ohio resident and new daddy, has spent some time looking at the interactive strategies of the Democratic presidential candidates and is impressed.

He's posted the the 10 Interactive Marketing Tips from Barack and Hillary on ClickZ and here is some of my favorite stuff from the list:

  • The candidates' web sites are giving visitors plenty to do. They're not just asking for your vote; they are asking for your time, your money and more, effectively engaging voters and creating a movement. This is something that too many folks forget to do.
  • The candidates understand the power of word of mouth and are ensuring that they are providing their supporters with tools to act as evangelists -- including embeddable video, the "B roll" of social media, and other "currency" to "drive buzz."
  • The candidates' web sites are letting others speak on their behalf by pulling in consumer/voter generated content to their sites. Others should be so brave.
Thanks, Pete.

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