Thursday, December 13, 2007

heading to new orleans

It's road trip time again, folks. After spending the past five days 1) being sick, 2) recovering from being sick and 3) running errands, I managed to hit the road today, destination New Orleans. I plan on getting there this Saturday and, once I'm there, I'll figure out how long I'll stay.

I'm going to New Orleans to visit my friend, Chris (photos will be taken, be patient), who moved down there about three months ago. Chris recently started a job with the city's public defender services and has asked me to volunteer my time while I'm there -- which I'll do -- but I'm also planning on exploring the city (camera in hand) because I've never been.

I'm going to go try to find The Pink Project in the Lower 9th Ward. (By the way, I've been trying to find a photo to illustrate The Pink Project and, no dice. The web site does not have blog-friendly photos and the photos of the project on Flickr are "All Rights Reserved." Folks, it's like providing B-roll to get mainstream media coverage. Bloggers will help you promote your sh*t if you give them pretty pictures.)

Post New Orleans? I'm thinking Savannah GA and Charleston SC, two more cities that I have never visited. Oh, and I might find a way to get back to Chapel Hill for another plate of shrimp and cheese grits.

What do you think? Got any suggestions for places to visit?

I didn't make it very far today -- I only drove about five hours (left in the afternoon) and I'm spending the night at The Hampton Inn in Roanoke. I've decided Hampton is my highway hotel of choice. The rooms have new bedding, free WiFi and there's hot breakfast in the morning. Of course, I don't actually eat breakfast . . .

Despite my best efforts on packing, I managed to forget my iPod charger. There's an Apple Store in Knoxville, but apparently Target sells chargers too.

A good thing. 11 more hours in the car and I need my music.

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New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey! I found you on a nola news alert and posted you onto today's issue of the New Orleans News Ladder. Check it out for music listings, lagniappe and other stuff to do when you get there.
Make sure to go to Frenchman Street on Sat night too. Tune your radio to WWOZ and let the good times roll!
Hope you enjoy the NO News Ladder and have a great time in New Orleans! Don't let down your guard, stay close to the music and food. Mimi's at Franklin and Royal has great tapas in the Marigny, Coffea is the do for the bywater breakfast on Dauphine.
editor / NO News Ladder