Friday, December 14, 2007

tastes like love

While I'm attempting to avoid fast food on this trip, I may just need to get a Whopper after seeing this video. (I'll admit it, I love Whoppers. With cheese. Screw "special sauce," the mix of ketchup and mayonnaise and flame broiled goodness tastes like love.)

It's a little long and the "queen" joke could have been avoided, but I stuck it out and the emotional pay off was worth it.

Hats off to Crispin Porter for turning fast food into a fan brand and thanks to Random Culture for posting it about it first.


Catch Up Lady said...

I blogged about this mere moments before checking out you're blog. We are in synch woman! Have a safe trip.

Catch UP Lady said...

Ugh, I just used the wrong your. Kill me. My mind is mush. Is it holiday break yet?

abf said...

I do not forgive grammar errors. You know this. Forty lashes.