Friday, December 14, 2007

tiring me out

I'm at a Hampton Inn again tonight, this time in Fort Payne, Alabama. I let the woman at the front desk know that I had recently decided that I was a Hampton Inn fan and she pointed out that I should join Hilton Honors and that I would get credit for tonight's stay. Her suggestion just affirmed that I would be trying to stay in a Hampton Inn throughout the trip, so, seeing as someone from the Hilton corporation checked out my blog today -- presumably because of yesterday's post -- maybe you could do something nice for her? I don't have her name, but she was on the job at 6:30 pm on December 14.

I bought a charger for my iPod, so my musical sanity has been saved. I also realized that I managed to leave behind the USB cable for my camera, as well as the battery charger. I was able to replace the former, but not the latter (yet), so remind me not to leave my camera on.

Of course, I haven't taken any photos yet. I thought about taking photos: of the beautiful red bleachers at the high school in southwest Virginia, the cows in the field that looked like in belonged in Scotland -- not Tennessee. But I'm working too hard to get to New Orleans in a timely manner and it's tiring me out.

Relax . . .

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