Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Music #5: Dan

Name: Dan (aka @DanGoldgeier)

Girls Rock Camp Donation Tally: $30

Relationship: Dan and I are friends on Twitter. We've had drinks a couple of times and he was kind enough to write a post about Aggregate on AdPulp when we first launched.

How Did We Meet: Dan said he started following me on Twitter after he read the John Hughes post. I believe him. But we didn't meet in person until he moved to Seattle this past year. We had a drink at Spur, which is another great bar in Seattle, but certainly not as fabulous as Oliver's Twist.

Something about Dan: He wrote an ebook called View from the Cheap Seats about the advertising business that is available on Amazon and I'm pretty confident he would be pleased if you were to check it out.

Dan's Playlist: Country-tinged pop

Delivery: Dan brought his CD to Oliver's Twist in person and I happened to be sitting there at the end of the bar when he did, so I got a free drink out of it. In fact, I got TWO free drinks out of the night, because Brady the bartender bought me a drink too. Score.

Favorite (Nostalgic) Track: "The Kid is Hot Tonight," Loverboy

Favorite (New to Me) Track: "My Handy Man," Alberta Hunter

As a reminder, here's the address so you can send me music too:

Alison's Birthday Music
c/o Oliver's Twist
6822 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle WA 98103

Remember, for every playlist I receive by the end of the month, I am making a $5 donation to Girls Rock Camp.

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