Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some Things I Find Funny

The lovely people at This Recording, my favorite blog, have an ongoing series of posts about the things they find funny. Molly was the latest to post, but Lucas, Karina, Danish, Elisabeth, Tyler, Georgia and Alex have all thrown their hats into the ring as well.

My turn. Join in if you feel the urge.

Jeremy's latest haircut, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal on How I Met Your Mother, the lobster scene in Annie Hall, Martin Sheen as serial killer Kit Carruthers in Badlands

Julia Louis Dreyfus in The Adventures of New Old Christine, Bob Newhart, mom bloggers (Heather Armstrong, Eden Kennedy and Chris Jordan), Judd Apatow's television series (Freaks and Geeks and Declared)

people who speak loudly at funerals, the bus ride to the African Village with John Bell at Disney World, Hunter S. Thompson, the finale scene in the season three finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm (and most every other scene in the series),

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, videos of small children swearing, Tobias' business card on Arrested Development

Jason Bateman in Smokin' Aces, watching the GI Joe Pork Chop videos with Ray and Shawn

Paul Rudd, Family Guy, Hugh McLeod, Gonzo

the scene in Fearless Freaks where Wayne Coyne has the kids reenact the Long John Silver robbery, Rushmore,, As Time Goes By

Natalie Portman raps

when other people fall down.


kristen said...

I am so going to have to do this. I also love Tobias's business card.

Jeremy Pinches said...

You don't like the white guy 'fro? The scary part is that it was even longer (or larger, I suppose) a few years ago when I went to Australia.

kristen said...

OK, mine's up.