Saturday, July 19, 2008

elevator speech

Twitter is down, so I suppose I need to post.

The thing is, I'm at BlogHer08 and I'm feeling guilty for not posting to my blog. @Beth77 let me know (with a slight tinge of sarcasm in her voice) that we were meant to have our elevator blog speech down here, but "I don't post to a blog that is essentially about nothing," doesn't really have a great deal of allure.

This is my almost four year old blog about social media, politics, things I read and, occasionally, me. I post to it because I think I'm a good writer and because my voice is consistent with who I am and because I have a serious case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which means that I can't leave it behind because it would be UNFINISHED.

But I like Twitter better because, as I commented on my friend Minjae's blog earlier today, it's been the most social, social media, I have ever used. Despite being a horrible introvert, I actually like talking to people.

Twitter is back up again. See ya.

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