Saturday, March 01, 2008

sick crush on gonzo

I have made my yearly pilgrimage to Columbia, Missouri for the True False Film Festival.

Some of the best parts of the trip so far have been
the March into March parade through downtown Columbia; and

David's happiness about the gift he has given his home town (my words, not his).

But I also loved the girls of Girls Rock! who managed to make me laugh and cry and inspire me to 1) do things I am bad at more often (W?), 2) download some Bikini Kill, 3) ask, "Yes, how do you tune a taco?

I also rather enjoyed developing a sick crush on Hunter S. Thompson after watching Gonzo (seriously, the man was hot);

and wishing that he was here today and had covered John Edwards like he covered George McGovern.

Next on my list of books to read: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

If these photos were MP3s, this post would be one of the less impressive posts on This Recording.

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