Thursday, December 20, 2007

we are america

Before leaving New Orleans, I drove down to the Lower 9th Ward to see The Pink Project. More than two years later, the devastation from Katrina can be seen all around the city, but, nevertheless, much of New Orleans has returned to "normal."

Like most cities across America, it's much to easy to ignore the depth of the poverty that exists down the street and over the bridge while dining at restaurants with white tablecloths, watching the streetcars go by.

From the Pink Project web site:

Pink is a virtual city of Hope. A hybrid of art, architecture, cinema and media, Pink is conceived as an informational, commemorative, communication tool which raises awareness and activates individual participation to heal local wounds in need of global aid. Donate now.

Robert Lynn Green, Sr.
(504) 201-8860
Joyce Hilda Green - U.S. Citizen
11/08/31 to 08/29/05 1:00 pm
U.S. Airforce (25 YEARS 8/12/1980)
Shanai "Nai Nai" Green
04/11/02 to 08/29/05 4:00 am
We want our country
to love us
As much, as we
Love our country
The strength of
Our country
Belongs to us
Mr. Bush
Rebuild -
New Orleans
The Lower 9th Ward
Cross the Canal
Tennessee Street
Tourist Tell Your Senators
Your Representatives
Our President
Robert Lynn Green, Sr.
(504) 201-8860
My Birthday and Life

Update: Today the New Orleans City Council voted to demolish four low income housing developments destroyed by Katrina to allow developers to build mixed income housing. People are not happy.

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