Thursday, December 20, 2007

lick my boots

Today was one of those days when it was difficult to ignore the fact that Mother Nature has the power to make you get on your knees in front of her and lick her boots.

I'm safely (and blissfully) stopped for the night at a Hampton Inn just south of Montgomery (Alabama), but I spent five hours in the car today in a torrential downpour, a lightning storm and a wind storm that was strong enough to blow my car from lane to lane. It was the kind of driving where you just hope for the best, because you can barely see ten feet in front of you and you have no idea if some other driver with no sense of mortality is going to take you off the road as collateral damage.

The best moment was when I was at the drive through at Burger King (shut up, I gave in) and lightning struck about a hundred yards away, causing a huge puff of black smoke, a small fire and, yes, the power to go out and for me not to get that Whopper I was hoping for.

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