Tuesday, October 02, 2007

going to greece

At some point during the trip, I believe I will eat something with feta.

I am going to Greece in the morning. I'm feeling a little frazzled -- not a great deal of sleep and a big ol' pile of work to do.

This is not vacation. I am heading to Stream 2007, a gathering of employees and clients of the company that owns the agency that currently "owns" me. We'll be joined by others who get off -- like we do -- on all things digital. It's an "unconference," which means my control freak personality will be put to the test.

I'm bring the new camera, as well as some new Flip video cameras that we bought this week, so watch this space for some tales of -- hopefully -- adventure.

Wish me luck.


kristen said...

Greece rocks. Make sure you have a dessert with custard in it. Heavenly.

abf said...

feta and custard. yum.

Andre said...

Me jealous. oog oog.
May they write down the name of ABF on the walls of the Athenian Temples!...or...just have a good time and get back safe.