Wednesday, September 05, 2007

resolving the debate: yes

There has been a fair amount of debate among the gossip blog crowd about whether or not Maggie Gyllenhal, newly-featured in ads for Agent Provocateur, was a suitable model. The debate has centered around whether or not Maggie is sexy enough.

As a public service to all of you, I will end this debate now and say, yes, Maggie is sexy enough.

(Has no one seen Secretary? If you can manage to be sexy while wearing a polyester blouse with a large bow . . .)

Move on.

Next topic? Is it true that Brad and Angelina have never told each other, "I love you," and, if so, why?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Jennifer said...

Sexy is also the fact that she has a body to be able to even model for Agent Provocateur, given she just had cutie Peter Sarsgaard's baby just a few months ago. Yeah, damn her for looking so unsexy!

abf said...

Ahhh, Peter Sarsgaard.

Catch Up Lady said...

I'll say this only once - I went to Wellesley and never once thought about swinging the other way. Seriously not once. But damn it, I'd go for Maggie G. So that should end that debate immediately.

You lost me at "Is it true that Brad and Angelina" - I'm so freaking sick of those two. I don't see how the US Weeklies of the world are STILL following them around. They don't do anything but run a freaking day care and sulk.