Monday, September 03, 2007

would you say you're proud of me?

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on How I Met Your Mother as a contestant on the Price is Right makes me glad to be alive.

(By the way, the thing you need to know for the clip to make any sense is that Barney's mom told him that Bob Barker was his dad.)


kristen said...

I love this show. Did you see the one where Barney leaves his one-night stand a letter saying he's a ghost?

abf said...

Yes. Another instance of joy.

After watching the show tonight and looking to see if this clip was available on YouTube, I found a "best of" Barney reel that provided me with 9+ minutes of ecstasy.

I love the fact that Neil Patrick Harris came out while he has been on this show and that he plays such a womanizing prick (although, there are some that could say . . .).

I also love the fact (which I only discovered last night because I haven't been paying attention to these things), that Harris has been nominated for an Emmy.

But, finally, I love that -- in my marathon Homicide watching, I uncovered him playing a BMOC, drug dealing thug in Season 5.

Other things in life should give me this amount of pleasure.