Tuesday, July 31, 2007

del.icio.us: food

I love food. I can't cook for sh*t, but I can eat like a pro. And I've noticed more and more that, when I travel back to places where I once lived, I'm slightly more excited to visit my favorite restaurants than I am to visit my friends.

Serious Eats makes me hungry just looking at it. Not as hungry as I get when I am looking at Tastespotting (which, as I believe I have mentioned in the past, is pure food porn), but hungry nevertheless. I subscribed to the feed for Required Eating, the site's blog, so I can be hungry on an up to the minute basis. (I have PMS. If you stopped moving for too long while standing in front of me and allowed me to pour A-1 steak sauce on you, I would probably eat you.)

In other foodie news, my favorite DC food blog, metrocurean, shared this fabulous video of Christopher Walken, which comes via Im Cooked, "a web community for video recipe sharing."

"these pears look very nice . . . "

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