Monday, June 11, 2007 tags 06.11.07

The Smart Women/Smart Social Media Issue

Susan Getgood at Marketing Roadmaps churns out yet another smart post -- this time about what it means to do successful blogger relations. Her question? Who is the judge? And her takeaway? Don't try to be all things to all people. The temptation with social media initiatives is to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the tactic pool. Remember your objectives and create strategy that gets the job done.

Speaking of smart social media initiatives, in her post, "What Kills a Social Media Campaign, BL Ochman at iMedia runs down her list of the stinkers -- Microsoft, WalMart, Ford -- and those that may redeem corporate America's all-thumbs approach -- Dell (yes, that Dell), Netflix and Lego. Says Ochman, "Hand your customers your brand. Shut up and listen. Make changes that exceed expectations. You will get your brand back in better shape."

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Susan Getgood said...

Thanks so much for reading Marketing Roadmaps and for your kind words here.