Sunday, June 10, 2007 tags 06.10.07

A Promise to be Human - It's tough to find an industry that is less well-liked than pharma, a reflection, perhaps, of the overall frustration with the state of healthcare in this country. Tylenol is doing what is can to create a little love through its Promise campaign, which introduces us to some of the men and the women behind the scenes. I saw the campaign ridiculed on E's Talk Soup, but I'm still a fan of companies who try to do the obvious: let everyone know that they are, indeed, human.

CGM Tips - Pete Blackshaw at Consumer Generated Media has "Ten Tips & Principles of Consumer Generated Advertising Campaigns." The list also qualifies as (can't we get to the point where this stuff is obvious) tips for how not to develop an irrelevant strategy that doesn't ignore your true business objectives and will only bite you in the ass down the road. Remember this stuff, you'll be tested later.

Dad Needs to Talk - Dad Can Do targets single dads with tips and advice on how to be "inspiring." The site could be strengthened through more community-building aspects. The "about" page says the site is meant to be most useful to those dads who have just recently undergone a separation that may mean that their time with their kids is limited, along with their resources. I bet those guys might get something out of having a chance to talk to each other. Find a place for their voice.

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