Sunday, March 04, 2007

vindicate beau

I am spending the night at the Hilton at the St. Louis airport. It's fine -- despite the fact that they charge $9.95 for Internet access while the Motel 6 down the street, which costs about 1/4 of the rate here, gives it away for free and, since it's WiFi, you can go online while lying in bed. (Really, it annoys the crap out of me.)

The rest of the True False Film Festival was fab. I'm really proud of David for what he has managed to create. The love that he has for Columbia, MO makes it that much more of a pleasure to witness.

So, what did I see?

I saw Operation Homecoming on Saturday night, which didn't rock my world. I like the idea -- encouraging soldiers and their families to write about their experiences with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- but war stories are just not my cup of tea -- very butch, very Hemingway.

Sunday morning's film, however, was brilliant. The Third Monday in October follows the student council elections at four schools across the country. It's as funny and painful as Spellbound, but the kids are a little easier to identify with (despite the fact that, yes, I was a spelling bee champ). The film busts the myth of the politically disengaged younger generation -- these kids are amazing. (I had a particular little soft spot for Beau, who was ROBBED by his well-meaning, but misguided teachers.) The filmmaker, Vanessa Roth, says that they are aiming to use the film to promote participation in the 2008 elections. I'll be watching to see what they come up with.

Finally, I saw About a Son before saying my goodbyes and hitting the road for St. Louis. It's a film about Kurt Cobain told through audio interviews recorded in last couple of years before he killed himself (13 years ago . . .) I was forced to listen to the idiotic conversation of two people who didn't like the film on my way out, but it was great stuff. Beautiful.


Seth said...

whoa, you saw Operation Homecoming? And it wasn't amazing? I've been following the development of the episodes for the PBS series and this is one of the ones I am looking forward to the most. I'm surprised to hear it wasn't riveting. . . .

nice little blog too! found you via blog search looking for info! keep up the good work.

abf said...

Oh, the guilt . . . It was a pretty traditional documentary, excluding the efforts to dramatize the stories written by the soldiers. And the stories were well written, but they were just not my cup of tea.