Monday, March 05, 2007


I caught this meme over at YPulse — but followed the trail back to Marianne Richmond at BlogHer, who pointed out that, although this meme was picking up speed, most of the respondents have been men.

Therefore, for the sisterhood . . .

Web: I subscribe to 133 feeds that I read via Google Reader with varying degrees of religious devotion. I have 5 Google Alerts set up right now, but they're all worked-related because I was getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with the personal alerts.

There are a few additional news sites that I check out from time to time as well because they don't have feeds, but that happens generally on weekends when I have more time.

I am a religious user and people who know this send me links via

I subscribe to a few email newsletters and listservs, most of which are work-related and either have to do with global health (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS and Women's Health Policy reports, Kaiser's Global Health Reporting, Stop-TB, Af-AIDS, Break the Silence, Gender-AIDS) or marketing/PR (AdAge, Media Post, eMarketer, WOMMA, Marketing Sherpa, BlogHer and a few others I am probably forgetting right now). I also get daily updates from and a word of the day from

I aim to post to this blog once a day, which I achieve on occasion. I started a second blog, but that failed because I just don't know what to write about (any ideas?). I am meant to be a contributor to Do You Have One of These? but I haven't been posting lately. Finally, I post to the agency blog from time to time as well.

I recently bought an iPod with video when my other iPod died, but I have yet to become a regular podcast viewer/listener.

Communication: I check my three email accounts — work, Gmail and AOL — multiple times per day. I check Gmail and AOL only via my laptop. I stay on top of work email (or make a valiant effort to do so) via my Blackberry, laptop and desktop in the office.

Anastasia at YPulse wonders where all the social network users are -- but you won't find one here. I have an old Friendster account that I have alerts set up for and so I will check it out when someone contacts me there, but that's about it.

TV: I start every day by watching CNN's American Morning, generally turning it on when it starts at 6:00 am and turning it off when I walk out the front door (usually between 8:00 and 8:30 am).

I turn the TV on when I come home as well, primarily as background noise. I don't have many shows that I watch religiously, but my two favorite nights of television are the sitcoms on CBS on Monday night and 60 Minutes and then ABC on Sunday night (only after that annoying, cloying home improvement show is over). I also watch Grey's Anatomy when it occurs to me.

I rent TV shows from Netflix pretty religiously. In the past three months, I have rented Six Feet Under (Season 4), Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 4), Entourage (Season 2) and Homicide (Season 3).

Books: I barely ever read books, which is a sore point for me.

Newspapers: I get The Washington Post delivered seven days a week and I try to read it first thing in the morning before heading to work, although I occasionally am forced to put it off until the end of the day. I read the rest of my newspapers online (primarily via feeds): New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times and Los Angeles Times. If I find myself in New York on a Saturday or Sunday, I buy the Sunday Times and when I travel for work, I read the Times on the plane.

Movies: Despite the fact that I spent this past weekend at a film festival, I have given up on going to the movie theater. The simple explanation is that other people drive me crazy and I don't want to be stuck in a room with them for two hours and be forced to trust them to keep quiet and not annoy me. It's not going to happen.

I do, however, rent a fair amount of movies from Netflix. In the past three months, in addition to all the TV shows I rent, I have rented 11 movies: In the Heat of the Night, A Scanner Darkly, Triumph of the Will, A Prairie Home Companion, Riding the Rails, The Baxter, The Statement, Don't Come Knocking, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, I Confess and Inside Man.

I currently have 355 DVD's on my Netflix queue. Add that to the list of proof that I am insane.

Music: I listen to CD's at home because I don't have an amplification system for my iPod here. I listen to my iPod in the car, on the walk to the office and in the office. I like to listen to the radio in the car -- particularly on long car drives -- and will listen to CD's in the car if I don't have my iPod and the radio is failing me. When I travel and I have left my iPod at home, I listen to music on my laptop. I still buy CD's from time to time, but I love buying songs from iTunes. The last song I bought was Mary J. Blige's "Family Affair".

(We don't need no haters.)

Magazines: I recently let a bunch of subscriptions run out — Jane, Spin, Fast Company and something else — so the only subscription I have right now is to The New Yorker, which is an annual gift from my mother (except for my Harvard magazine). I have been a magazine junkie since I was a kid, however, and always have a stack in the house that I am usually at least three months behind on. (I was reading magazines dated December 2006 on the plane home today.) I love Us (shoot me). I also love Details (because I am secretly a gay man). The other magazines in the pile right now are Esquire, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Allure, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly and InStyle.

I suddenly understand why I feel so overwhelmed.

I tag Kristen and Jim.

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