Wednesday, February 21, 2007 tags 02.21.07

Healthline lets you search by symptoms to find out what the h*ll is wrong with you. It's a great new way to develop bizarre paranoia and to drive your doctor absolutely insane. Find out what's ailing everyone else by looking at their list of top 50 symptoms.

JAM in Spain (like the rain in Spain?) posted on Healthcare 2.0
back on the 10th about the preview launch of Revolution Health and the fact that the team behind Revolution is out there drumming up awareness by commenting on blogs. Tim from Revolution Health backs up this point by, you got it, commenting on Healthcare 2.0. and encouraging JAM to sign up for membership.

Pete Cashmore at Mashable likes Renkoo's decision to add social networking profiles to the group organizer site, particularly because they're doing it with the Q and A model already used by Faqqly. As opposed to listing off your favorite movies and bands, your profile is built through questions posed by your friends. Smart stuff.

And there's more from Pete. (I love Mashable. Have I told you that recently?) He is justifiable terrified by Slifeshare, which tracks your every move online and shares it with the world. Cursed (or blessed) with a touch of OCD, I have been accused of documenting every aspect of my life, but I wouldn't touch this thing with a ten foot pole. Am I missing something?

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