Tuesday, February 20, 2007

naked people

Aside from this odd period in college when I lived in my friend Andrew's room and walked around naked all the time, I am not a person who likes to show much skin. (Remember on Seinfeld, when Jerry had that girlfriend who walked around naked all the time as well -- and he finally put a stop to it when she opened the pickle jar naked? Yeah, that was me.)

There are pictures from the morning after my high school graduation where a group of us are sitting on the beach at Hammonasset and, while my friend Shirley is decked out in a bikini, I'm wearing a wool L.L. Bean sweater. Just a few years ago, on a trip to Spain, my friend Oriol and I stood by the railing -- wearing sweaters, of course -- while we marveled at the topless women (for different reasons, I presume).

Anyway. Alison = not a naked person.

Nevertheless, I am gaga for the new ads from Dove and Vaseline. The Dove ads are for their "Pro Age" line (screw, "anti-age," they say) and feature women 50+ in all their glory (networks in the U.S. won't air them) and the Vaseline ads -- which are apparently airing in the UK, marvel at how amazing our skin is — and tell us we damn well better take care of it.

Watch them both here and here.

Maybe the next time you see me, I'll be naked.

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