Sunday, January 21, 2007

i'm yours, baby

Bill Richardson threw his hat into the ring today as well and that means, yes, another video announcement. Production value wise, it's even worse than Barack Obama's (the audio levels stink) and Richardson could stand to loosen up a little. But, he still managed to earn a high score in my book for the message. He was GOOD. Unlike Edwards, Clinton and Obama, he really used his resume to make it clear that he could get the job done — important for him as the candidate with the least amount of name recognition. As a former Congressman, UN ambassador and Energy Secretary, he knows foreign relations and, specifically, the Middle East. As a governor, he knows domestic policy issues and has generated measurable results in New Mexico. He can, unlike Obama, credibly take Washington to task for letting politics get in the way of doing what's right for the country. And he can appeal to us as the "underdog": how does his "humble" appeal for our support compare with the confidence that Hillary radiates? By the way, Richardson has a YouTube account, so he's taken the right steps to rely on the power of his supporters to get the word out on his behalf. A-/Fix the audio and I'm yours, baby.

By the way, after reading the front page of the Post this morning, I'm pretty convinced that Hillary will be the candidate in 2008, if only because she has the behind the scenes machine on her side. (My cynicism rears its ugly head.)

Another by the way, Steve Rosenbaum pits the Obama and Clinton videos against each other over at The Huffington Post, with Obama coming out the victor.

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