Sunday, January 07, 2007 tags 01.07.07

  • my Google Reader trends — Jason over at My Life Online was the first to tell me about Google Reader Trends. I love it too, but I only (?) have 113 subscriptions and I have only (?) read 1,885 items in the past 30 days. And, because of my beloved, I don't share or star items on Google Reader. My favorite bit of news is that -- out of those in my Top 40 (the most prolific posters) -- I read 100 percent off what Heather at Dooce, Chris at Notes from the Trenches and Kristen at My Back Pages have to say. Keep it coming, ladies. (JB, if you posted more frequently . . .)
  • GLB crowd online more than everyone else — Harris Interactive has new research that says that the GLB (minus the T?) crowd spends more time online each week than straight folks. And, more specifically, gays, lesbians and bisexuals spend more time using social networking sites (Friendster, MySpace), and even CraigsList and YouTube. And, while 12 percent of straight people are blog readers (according to Harris), 24 percent of GLB's are and -- 2 to 1 -- have a more positive reaction to blog ads.
  • another parenting site — Mom Junction put out a press release last week announcing that they had raised $1.5 million in funding. According to the press release, the site launched November 1 and has seen a steady increase in membership. But there are no numbers to qualify what that means.
  • aggregating music reviews — Critical Metrics goes against the trend by aggregating music reviews from "the pros," versus word of mouth from consumers.
  • a cloaked launch — Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer Blog thinks that the folks at Disney -- with their high profile launch of their new social networking site for kids -- have it all wrong. "A new social network practically requires a cloak of invisibility to build the support of influential early adopters," says Ben.
  • redirecting potential edwards supporters — As far as I'm concerned, tactics such as this are likely to backfire. It's deceitful, disruptive and a sign of weakness and not strength.


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LOVE the dooce

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She's crushworthy.