Saturday, December 09, 2006 tags 12.9.06

  • In the past, people had children in order to get them to do stupid things on videos to be submitted to American's Funniest Home Videos. Now they get them to fall asleep on camera and risk bodily harm in order to upload videos and submit them to this new blog, Cute Things Falling Asleep.
  • China is planning to impose a regulation saying that bloggers must register their true identities with the government. All 20 million of them.
  • The Long Tail rears its ugly (short) head? Sure, you can reach more people if you run your banner ads on Yahoo or other sites with a million or more unique visitors per month. But you're REALLY going to reach (engage) people if you run your ads on a "niche" site. It makes sense -- focus, potentially more trust, repeat (daily) visitors.

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