Friday, December 08, 2006 tags 12.8.06

  • Wikipedia has compiled a list of social networking sites around the world, including user counts.
  • Joshua Levy at Personal Democracy Forum has tips for using social networking sites for politics and advocacy: it's about meeting people where they are, recognizing that community is no longer defined by geography, giving your constituents the opportunity to take ownership and looking to raise your funds elsewhere. He's with me on the value of giving people something to do -- particularly when you're talking about an issue as seemingly insurmountable as genocide or AIDS.
  • Ivan Boothe, director of communications for the Genocide Intervention Network and a source for Levy's post, pipes in to expand on the topic. As far as he's concerned -- and his savviness has turned me into a regular reader -- it's not about advertising, it's about empowerment. Give them the tools they need to create change and help you to achieve your mission.
  • There's a new wiki in town, enabling nonprofit folks to share Web 2.0 best practices. Comes to me via Spare Change.
  • According to the Harrison Group, teens (13-18) spend 72 hours a week online, on their cell phone, watching television, listening to music or playing video games -- and they're usually doing more than one at a time. And carrying along the theme of social networking, 68 percent of the little buggers have created at least one profile on a social networking site.
  • Soon to be DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is embracing social media -- sort of. Maybe creating seventeen separate blogs to get him through the transition stage before January wasn't such a good idea.
  • The Compete blog lists the Top 20 web sites.
  • Just what you think it is.

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