Saturday, October 07, 2006

jumping the fence

John Bell wrote a great post yesterday about the mom blogger communities that have been popping up all over, analyzing them in terms of how closed the communities are. JB's posit is that those communities that insist on trying to own the mom bloggers who join their service cut those moms off from opportunities to connect as far and as wide as they want. And, let me assure you, those mom bloggers don't like to be contained. Marketers or companies that are trying to reach these women should take heed.

The queen of all mom bloggers, Dooce, wrote a devastating post on Thursday (sorry to just get around to mentioning it), #32 in her monthly series of notes to her baby, Leta. Dooce, aka Heather, is having a hard time in her battle against depression and expresses her anxiety about the impact that her illness will have on Leta. As the daughter of a bipolar mom, I can't tell her that all will be well -- because I would be lying -- but I wish her the best.

I also wish the best to Jenn Satterwhite of Mommy Needs Coffee, who is now home after going to the hospital with chest pains. Her husband, Clint, is insisting that she take care of herself -- those six blogs that she attends to will still be there when she gets better, as will all of her readers.


Kristen said...

i like this template much better. way to go!

abf said...

Thanks, Kristen. I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with it yesterday and, because I am me, I am still doing so, going back and fixing the fonts on old posts (I wish that I could figure out how to do that with the push of one button) and adding labels.