Saturday, October 07, 2006

escaping the pink

I couldn't entirely escape the pink. I'm sorry to the anonymous commenter who thought I should, but hopefully the new color scheme/design will be seen as a compromise. The odd thing is that I would never wear pink in real life. My wardrobe is black, brown, black, black, navy and black.

I am still trying to tweak things and fighting the obsessive compulsive urge to go back and change the font on every single one of my f*cking posts so that I can get rid of the lilac (again, not a color in my wardrobe) and add labels. Labels, ah labels. Satisfying my ever present desire for order.

I just spent some time looking at other blogs, including those in my blog roll, to get some ideas for things to add to my blog and, I have to tell you, some of those blogs are pretty ugly. And you know why? It's the advertising. I don't have the kind of traffic (whine) that warrants bothering getting advertising, but I'm actually pleased that it's not an issue. They screw with a perfectly lovely design.

1 comment:

just said...

I like the pink. My blog is totally pink even though I never wear that color. see?

stick with it, it works.