Sunday, October 08, 2006

a fan

The fact that I am writing yet another post about John and his blog is the sign of two things: 1) I have little else to write about and 2) I'm a fan.

Ironically, fandom is the topic of his new blog, John Bell's Other Blog. He writes,

So here's my theory. I want to establish a blog about all things, people, places, animals that I am a fan of. I love being a fan. there is an unbridled optimism and positive energy in being a fan. I have had my dark passages in life where I felt that cynicism or even pessimism is all this world called for (and not because I have led a painful life. I have not.). Well, no more. I am a fan, through and through, of so many things. I am hoping that I connect with other fans and, more importantly, with folks who embrace the positive.

John and I have a running joke about our competition over who has more work to do or whose life sucks more that day: the "winner" being the one who is more tortured than the other. So, with the launch of the new blog, it looks like he's laying down his sword and choosing to embrace the reality that, in fact, his life and his world are indeed quite fabulous.

I'll attempt to follow suit -- after I get done with all of this work that I need to do because my life sucks so much.

(Just kidding.)

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John Bell said...

Thanks for the shout out. Fandom between us mortals often goes both ways. You've got a fan here, too. Now get back to work. :-)