Thursday, August 31, 2006

outside Cafe Citron

I have been thinking about Greg a great deal lately because the anniversary of his murder is about two weeks away.

There's this spot on the way home from work that makes me think of him - just outside Cafe Citron at dusk on a late summer night. Just a few days before he was killed, I ran into him standing there and when I glance over, it's as if I expect him to still be standing there, wearing that purple checked shirt from the Gap that's just like the one Aron has.

The last time I saw Chris, who is a public defender, he told me I had to come to terms with the fact that Greg's murderer would never be arrested. I think I am getting closer to that point, but I still hope that, whoever did it, they are suffering and will suffer to the day that they die.

His name was Greg Shipe and I miss him.

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