Thursday, September 22, 2005

his name was Greg Shipe

My friend Greg was murdered this past Saturday. He was out walking his dog Otis in his neighborhood and was shot in the face and left to die on the sidewalk. Five days later, no one has been arrested for the crime. Newspapers have suggested it was a "botched robbery" because Greg's wallet was still on him when the police found him.

I guess none of this is important. It's a cliche, but nothing is going to bring Greg back. He's gone.

I have no idea how to explain what it feels like. I have tried over the past few days, but have failed every time. I talk to people about it and I look into their eyes and see no recognition at all.

His name was Greg Shipe and I miss him.


Anonymous said...

Greg Shipe was a wonderful person, friend, fraternity brother and son. His sense of humor and selflessness...unparalleled.

What happened to him is senseless and we struggle with it each day.

His name is Greg Shipe and I miss him too.

Zebra mom said...

Today Greg would have turned 43 years old. It's a tragedy and a rip-off that he is not here, enjoying his life, making those around him laugh and smile, as he always did. Greg was the best kind of person. He had his head on straight and his life in front of him. He should be enjoying that life. He should be blowing out candles on his 43rd bday cake today.
I still remember that sucker punch when I got that call. His name is Greg Shipe and I will always miss him.