Sunday, August 06, 2006

gigantic boob*

The conversation over in the magical land of the mom bloggers lately has been about the recent Babytalk magazine cover of a woman breastfeeding her child. Let's just say that people were appalled by the sight of a naked tit and the moms were, in turn, appalled by the idea that people would be appalled.

Now, the offending tit actually shows no nip (which seems to be the way our society distinguishes between naked breasts and not naked breasts - hence pasties) and actually shows no mom either. Just a gigantic boob and and a very grateful looking child.

But that's not the point . . .

No, the point is that mom bloggers are peeved that people find the image to be offensive and are responding in the way that mom bloggers do: writing really beautiful pieces about their personal experiences with breastfeeding and posting oh-so-not-offensive photos of themselves feeding their babies. The revolution is once again underway.

Note. Do not piss off a mommy.

*Welcome to all of the 14 year old boys who have found me using the search term "boob".

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