Friday, August 11, 2006

alison needs a nap

I got stuck in New York last night. Tried to fly out but got held back by the rain (as opposed to hair gel, bottled water or toothpaste). Up now to try to catch the first flight back and wishing for a day when I could just sleeeeeeeeepppppppp.

Flying up to Toronto tomorrow morning to attend the International AIDS Conference until Wednesday and will be posting from there - here and at the agency blog.

But I hope to find time for a post tonight.

Sleep, I want sleep.

(By the way, in an effort not to smell and be forced to wear dirty underwear because I did not have a change of clothes for this morning, I washed my panties and a t-shirt in the sink last night. Because that was only about four hours ago, they didn't dry and I have been spending the morning trying to iron the moistore out of them between throwing stuff in my suitcase. Instead of smelling like funk, therefore, I will be smelling -- and feeling -- like a wet dog. My life, folks, is very glamorous.)

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