Sunday, August 06, 2006

ewan mcgregor hot

It couldn't have gone any better.

1. They took care of me twenty minutes before my scheduled appointment,
2. The only thing they needed to do was to replace the keyboard,
3. There was a refurbished keyboard that fit my computer (iBook G4) in stock,
4. The whole thing cost less than $54 and took about 15 minutes,

and perhaps most importantly,

5. The guy who took care of me was hot. Ewan McGregor hot.

He wasn't willing to promise anything and said, in fact, that things could still go wrong. And, if it does, it's going to mean replacing the whole computer (the cost of the repair would be comparable to the price of the low end Macbook). But they'll be able to transfer my whole hard drive free of charge when that happens -- if that happens.

My stomach ache went away immediately.

(Seriously. Ewan McGregor hot. I will now never leave home without my camera because I regret that you will now not all benefit from the pleasure of seeing this "Genius" for yourselves. Lordy.)

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