Thursday, March 23, 2006

renewing my subscription

Forget Anderson Cooper. My news channel crush is Josh Rushing from Al Jazeera International. The latest issue of Fast Company came in the mail yesterday emblazoned with "This is your last issue! Subscribe again today!" and they may have just convinced me to resubscribe with the cover photo of Josh. I've written about him before. Josh is the former U.S. Marine (serving as a press attache to General Tommy Franks) who was featured in the documentary about Al Jazeera, The Control Room, who resigned his commission and signed up with Al Jazeera last September. Since then, the crazies have been calling Josh a traitor for taking the new gig. Apparently we only want Karen Hughes informing the Arab world about the U.S. perspective.

Josh is not going to be promoting terrorism. H*ll, he's spreading democracy, just like George W. Remember, freedom of the press? An informed public?

I guess that wasn't what they meant.

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