Sunday, September 25, 2005

good luck, Josh

Did you see Control Room, the film about the Arab news channel Al Jazeera? If so, do you remember Josh Rushing? Cutie patootie Marine who tried his darndest to tow the party line as a military spokesman in the initial period following the invasion of Iraq?

I saw him a few months ago in a television documentary. He apparently had left the Marines and had developed a strong and critical voice about the military. And he had more hair.

Thanks to FishBowlNY for the news that Josh has now taken the pretty amazing step of joining the staff of Al Jazeera in their new DC Bureau. FishBowl makes a joke (I hope it was a joke) about how Josh's move will be received by his fellow Marines.

Not funny.

And he has even more hair now.

Good luck, Josh.

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