Sunday, February 19, 2006

the evolution of cheney

Evan Thomas' Newsweek cover story about the Vice President is worth your time as a good read, although not necessarily as a piece of journalism - although the efforts to understand the potential evolution of Cheney post 9-11 are interesting.

Also worth reading -- Dana Milbank's guide for who is going to get the blame if the Democrats don't pull ahead in the 2006 elections: Hillary, Bill, Lieberman, Reid, Kerry, Gore, Dean, Jefferson, Murtha, Pelosi, Biden or Rove.

Finally, check out the Post's front page article about China Youth Daily's Li Datong, his efforts to challenge obstacles to free speech in his country and the role that the Internet has played in changing the way information is shared in China. (While you're at it, check out the article about last week's congressional hearing in which Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Cisco were questioned about their decision to make money by doing business in China "at the expense of human rights". Are they helping to promote dialogue or helping the government to control dialogue? And where does their responsibility, as private corporations, begin and end?)

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