Sunday, February 19, 2006

plot points

NBC's David Gregory has a post on "The Daily Nightly", the NBC Nightly News blog, about the media's coverage of the Vice President's hunting accident and his own confrontation with Scott McClellan in the White House briefing room.

I have to admit that I have been surprised that people have questioned the amount of coverage the story has received. There were new plot points on each day last week: news broke, questions arose as to why news was withheld for as long as it was, Whittington had a heart attack, questions arose as to why THAT was withheld, Cheney did an interview, Whittington got out of the hospital. Plenty to cover and none of it manufactured by the minds of the media.

If you're up for it, read the comments made in response to Gregory's post. Lots of people with very short memories going on and on about the media's liberal bias demonstrated by their persistent coverage of the story and conveniently forgetting the way the media beat the Clinton/Lewinsky story into the ground.

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