Saturday, December 17, 2005

so much to talk about

It has become a little too much fun, watching Bush get kicked to the curb over and over again. My elation yesterday, when I heard that the Senate had managed to block renewal of the Patriot Act, had less to do with my strong commitment to civil liberties than with my pleasure in seeing Bush squirm. Of course, Republicans are hoping that it will be the Dems who are squirming when the midterm elections roll around next year. Their strategy? Paint Dems as being more invested in politics than national security. Nothing new.

And this nonsense about Bush making the decision to back McCain's anti-torture legislation? Yeah, well, he didn't really have a choice, did he? It was veto proof. The man had been effectively castrated and it causes me to smile with glee.

Update: Ford has reversed its decision to pull advertising for Jaguar and Land Rover from gay publications in response to boycott threats from right wing conservatives. Looks like a little shareholder activism may have been the "culprit". I don't care if it's money or a desire to do the right thing in the end. The results are the same.

And Virginia governor Mark Warner moves up a couple more notches in my book by signing an executive order banning state agencies from employment discrimination based on sexuality.

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