Sunday, December 18, 2005

happy reading

I was walking home from the gym just now, thinking that I really need to expand the sources that I use for this blog. I mean, I read a f*ckload of news sites and blogs every day (when I have not been sucked into the black hole that is my job), but I would guess that 75 percent of the sh*t I link to is on the Washington Post web site.

I get the thing delivered to my front door every day (the sound of it smacking my door is my alarm clock). Yep, a real actual newspaper that leaves black ink on your hands.

I'm a freaking dinosaur.

Anyway, more sh*t from the Post this morning. I'll get you more from a wider range of sources later today.

Mark Penn, who recently took over Burson-Marsteller, is telling Democrats that they shouldn't take Bush's shrinking approval numbers as a sign to run to the left. The country is predominantly moderate to conservative, says Penn, "particularly on economic and security issues". Guess the fact that Penn, despite the new gig, continues to advise Senator Hillary Clinton, is not a shocker.

Poor Trent Lott. He's thinking of not seeking reelection in 2006 after his Mississippi home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina: he's broke and, well, he's "so disappointed with the administration's response to this disaster that I'm almost embarrassed."


I almost forgot about the guy, but there's an opinion piece from Bruce Fein that argues that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, Jr. (remember him?) should cut the crap and stop trying to "distance himself" from what he has said in the past as being merely kissing up to his boss, Ronald Reagan. No one believes and it and no one likes being treated like an idiot.

Interesting article about how, despite the fact that they can't reach their recruitment goals, the U.S. Army has exceeded its retention goals. Soldiers are feeling compelled to reenlist with promises of bonuses, pensions and career incentives, as well as anxieties about the employment opportunities that may -- or may not -- await them back home. And the story that the Army likes even better, is that many say they are compelled to stick around because of the relationships they have developed with their fellow soldiers, the only people who will ever truly understand what they have been living through.

Finally, if you're a fan of Felicity Huffman -- and I am -- read this profile so that you can too feel like I do -- like I want to grow up and be Felicity (complete with my own William H. Macy).

Happy reading.

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