Sunday, October 09, 2005

the lady lawyer

Great piece on Salon about Harriet Miers being another in the long line of ladies who stand by their man, George W.

Laura, Karen Hughes, Condoleeza -- and now Miers.

A bachelorette just like Condi, and true blue to her boss, maybe even a little bit love-struck. She told David Frum he's the most "brilliant" man she's ever met, and if that's not love, it's drugs, because "briliiant" isn't a word thrown around a lot about Bush.

The Salon piece makes reference to Maureen Dowd's piece on Miers, but you have to shell out cash to access it via Times Select, The New York Times' recent bad business decision to charge us to read their editorial page. So, no link. No comments from the blogosphere. Fated to be irrelevant.

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